Book 3 Moments of meaning eBook


Moments of Meaning: Core Communication Competencies for Leaders, Teams and Families

Jack is like any of us.

He is on a journey of development and discovery about how he can do better in relationships, as a leader and within himself.

In the first book of the Leadership Golden NotebookSeries Jack explores the idea of inspiration – how to inspire others and ourselves. In the second book he examines the concepts of leadership, strategy and engagement.

In this third book Jack is trying to help Frank, one of his new team leaders. Frank desperately needs to improve the way in which he communicates with members of his team. Frank and his team are experiencing a kind of ‘death by a thousand cuts’. The team members just seem continually to hurt and disrespect each other without any real cause, but with devastating effects.

So far the guidance Jack has been giving to Frank has been ineffective. Jack believes that there must be some simple and clear ways to achieve better communication, and in this book he sets out to discover them.

While acting as Frank’s mentor Jack continues on his own quest in the areas of leadership and relationships.

This book aims to inspire the reader with some fresh ideas about communication competencies as Jack proceeds on his journey, adding powerful, tried and tested theory to his golden notebook.




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