Book 4 Creating Cultures Paperback


Creating Cultures: High Performance Explained

Jack is like any of us.

He is on a quest to try and do better in his relationships, his corporate leadership qualities and his own personal development.

With the encouragement of his manager, Jack has previously explored three topics of relevance to leaders and teams, and inter-personal relationships. His journeys are summarised in the series Leadership Golden Notebooks with the titles In-Spire, The Language of Leadership, and Moments of Meaning.

Now Jack is asked to take on the challenge of the dreaded words ‘high performance culture’ … working
out what it is, and how to create and support the kind of culture that will lead to good outcomes for both the overall organisation and the people in it.

With the help of some mentors, Jack sets out to cut through the theory in the many textbooks on the subject by identifying the key, very practical elements needed to build a culture that will facilitate high performance in the workplace.

Jack’s journey results in a collection of simple, powerful and easy to use ideas that should help any one of us build better team or organisational cultures.

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