Book 5 Stress Intelligence Paperback


Stress Intelligence: Expert Tools for Managing Stress, Time and Delegation

Jack is like any of us.

He is on a quest to try and do better in his relationships, his leadership qualities and his own personal development. With the encouragement of his manager, Jack has previously explored four topics of relevance to leadership, teamwork and inter-personal relationships.

His journeys are summarised in the Leadership Golden Notebooks series with the titles In-Spire, The Language of Leadership, Moments of Meaning, and Creating Cultures.

With his career success and his happy home life Jack believes that he has every reason to face the challenges of his future calmly and with maturity. Yet suddenly he is overwhelmed by feelings of deep anxiety. He suspects that the stress he is experiencing relates to the struggle he is having in managing both his complex work role and his work-family life balance.

Realising that no doubt many people have experienced this kind of stress at one time or another, Jack decides to begin a quest to discover approaches and tools that will help him. Along the way he learns about ‘stress intelligence’, a toolkit for awareness and skills that fosters expert-level self management.

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