Book 6 The Leader’s Journey Paperback


Jack has been on a journey of development and discovery about how he can do better in his relationships, as a leader and within himself. Through his five Leadership Golden Notebook series he has gained advanced approaches and tools to help him along the way.
This sixth book in the series, The Leader’s Journey aims to enable team or group leaders to deliver 26 fortnightly workshops on the subject of inspiring high performance.
Topics include how to be vision-driven through key result areas, the high performance cycle, improving engagement, decision-making, managing stress, time management, conflict resolution, communication skills, bullying and harassment, and emotional intelligence.
The course notes for the program are based on the contents of the book series, and it is therefore recommended that the leaders and participants should have access to all five books.
The notes for each session consist of three parts: The Key Ideas or theory about a topic, a Leadership Reflection section to help the leader self-check their own understanding of the key ideas, and a Team Activity to use in order to explain the theory to others.
Depending on the context, leaders may choose to use the workshop material selectively, or in a different sequence. While The Leader’s Journey program is designed for delivery in workplaces, the key ideas and many of the activities can also be adapted for use with community groups and families.

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