Book 7 The Observer Voice paperback


The Observer Voice Strength, Courage, Wisdom
Do you ‘think about your thinking’?
This distinctly human capability is both liberating and tragic. Depending on our approach, our internal dialogue will either build us up or tear us apart.
“The Observer Voice” brings together an array of ancient and modern ideas into an easy-to-use framework, accessible to all. It bridges the gap between perspectives on mindfulness derived from both Eastern and Western thought – meditation and metacognition.
In a world of uncertainty, by understanding our Internal and Observer Voices we can bring ourselves comfort, joy and meaning.
Dealing with identity, relationships, decision-making, loss, change and happiness, the framework unlocks inspiring cognitive tools for living with intentionality.
“The Observer Voice” will empower readers at all stages of life.
It provides the foundation upon which mental wellbeing and high performance leadership is built.

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