To my dear colleagues and friends,

My third book has now been released and I’d love it if your group could buy a set of 50 or 100… or 300?  The hope with my books is that we can genuinely enhance the lives of individuals, teams and cultures. The books make great leadership skills and language easy to digest, and simple to explore together as a division, group, team or family … just like a book club!

By purchasing and sharing these books you contribute to a movement committed to excellent and collaborative leadership thinking, skills and practice being made accessible to all for their self development.

Best wishes, Jonny Schauder

Individual Books

“In-spire”: Vision Driven Leadership and Relationships

“Language of Leadership”: Strategy, Team Leadership and Engagement Explained

“Moments of Meaning”: Core Communication Competencies and Systems


Each 27.95 including GST, postage and handling (about 20% of the cost)

Team Packages

Complete sets, or copies of a single text, or customised specifically to your needs.


12 plus pack: 25.00 per book


20 plus pack: 22.50 per book


35 plus pack: 20.00 per book


50 plus pack: 18.00 per book


75 plus pack 16.50 per book


100 plus pack: 15.00 per book


200 plus pack: 11.00 per book


300 plus pack: 9.00 per book


Each price includes GST, postage and handling.

To order

1.    Email me directly on [email protected]

2.    Or go to my website

Payment can be made by credit card on the website. Invoice on delivery is also available.


Let me know if your team needs further facilitation or learning support. The Change Agent is evolving our offerings every day. Fourth book out January 2018.



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