Book 2 The Language of Leadership Paperback


The Language of Leadership:

Making Sense of Strategy

Jack is like any of us. He is trying to improve his leadership and relationships.

In the first book in the Leadership Golden NotebookTMseries Jack explores the concept of inspiration – how to inspire others and ourselves.

In this second book Jack is exploring the concepts of leadership, strategy and engagement. He confronts ‘corporate speak’, terms such as visions, missions, values and key result areas which are so widely used in corporate planning and governance. Jack finds these concepts bewildering. He believes that there must be a way to make sense of the jargon, and to understand why it is taken so seriously.

Jack goes on another quest to meet people who can help him puzzle out how the confusing jargon of strategy might become relevant – or even critical – for engaging himself and his colleagues, and for getting results. During his journey of discovery Jack continues to add to his golden notebook the powerful, simple and usable ideas he has gathered about leading people, and organisational or project management.

What Jack discovers will change the way you understand the role and competencies of team leaders. And if you are a team leader his discoveries will make you realise how critical your role is for exceptional engagement.

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