Book 1 In-Spire – Leadership Golden Notebook Paperback


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In this first book of the Golden Notebook™ series Jack goes on a journey to try to improve his relationships, his leadership and his own personal development. He is looking for the ability to inspire.

Provoked by his manager, Jack starts a quest to find new approaches for working with people that are practical and usable. He is seeking ideas that will be easy to understand and apply every day. Until now the things he has learned about people have seemed overly complex, simplistic, or too vague.

The ideas Jack records in his golden notebook will surprise you with their simplicity, engage you with their importance and power, and excite you to share with others.

You’ll be able to apply the ideas in every situation where you are dealing with people or striving to feel more in control and effective within yourself.

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Includes 10% GST and delivery